Where’s the Card?

Where’s The Card is a Melbourne-based startup that helps individuals and organisations ‘show the love’ by providing an easy-to-use way of buying and organising group cards for any event.

If you’re a large company organising a group card, having everyone sign it can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

WTC takes the hassle out by providing a single point of contact for all signees as well as make the overall process more discreet – a better surprise for the recipient!

WTC got in touch with Studio Fellow for a redesign of their brand and website. The brand developed played on the immediacy (read, forgetfulness!) often experienced with organising group cards.

The brand was developed with a tendency to refer to in-work scenarios in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, such as forgetting the card, running late, or being commended on a fine job for organising it.

The result is a bright, bold and colourful identity, with secondary visual language and all commissioned illustrations (also created by Studio Fellow) being lively and humorous – often described as ‘cute’.

Studio Fellow created:

– Branding
– Style guide
– Illustrations
– UX design
– Responsive web design
– EDM design
– Social media campaigns


The brand’s bright and lively yellow colour was not always appropriate for some of the more sombre reasons to organise a card, such as farewells or condolences. A secondary palette was developed with each category in mind, where the overall brand colour changes depending on which section of the site you are in, or the product chosen.

Email order confirmation and marketing templates were also created as part of the project.

A range of social media illustrations were created to facilitate in the launch of the project as well as for future posting.

Check out the project and find out more at wheresthecard.com