Sunshine Social

Late in 2016 the Western Bulldogs did the impossible and won the AFL Grand Final, and in early 2017 Sunshine Social opened up in Sunshine West – Melbourne’s west is going from win to win.

In this blue-collar and family-oriented neighbourhood there’s long been a drought of family-friendly venues in which traditional Australian values could be felt and families could enjoy a day out together, with some delicious Aussie BBQ.

Sunshine Social’s mission was to create a welcoming and family-friendly space where the community could gather. Championing Aussie values of community, inclusion, mateship and a ‘fair go’, Sunshine Social feels like a new take on a familiar concept that’s becoming harder and harder to find in our busy lives.

Studio Fellow was engaged to create a brand identity and visual language for the venue, one that helped create a welcoming and friendly space for families and mates to catch up.

Through the research conducted the brand developed a supporting ‘community’ visual where a pattern was developed to represent the myriad of cultures and beliefs of the Sunshine area, all represented within Sunshine Social itself. The resulting pattern was used on tiled table tops and a painted mural in the parking lot.

Studio Fellow created:

– Brand Identity
– Brand style guide
– Custom Illustrations
– Patterns used in environmental graphics


Since opening Sunshine Social has received a fantastic response and has been featured in numerous blogs, guides and programs such as Channel 9’s ‘Postcards’ and Broadsheet.

Read the Broadsheet article here.