Share the Pie Campaign

The Newstart Allowance is Australia’s main income support payment for the unemployed or those looking for work. Commonly known as ‘the dole’, the allowance aims to alleviate financial stresses for those in need.

In the past, both politicians and media have often given the dole, or those in need of it, a bad name. The ignorant and politically-charged term ‘dole bludger’ aims to demonise those on public welfare as those who choose to rely on the state and other’s tax dollars to get by, rather than fend for themselves. This could not be further from the truth.

Most people on the Newstart allowance are in dire need of financial support. Some are struggling to re-enter the workforce, some are single parents, some with depression or other mental illnesses, some are part-time carers.

A person on Newstart lives $176 below the poverty line per week. A person on Newstart is getting less than 40% of the minimum wage in Australia. In Victoria alone, one study found 43% of people rough sleeping are on unemployment benefits.

This situation hinders, rather than helps people gain meaningful employment, it produces and encourages stress and fails to provide the support it claims to.

Being a community organisation that works to prevent and alleviate poverty across Australia, The Brotherhood of St Laurence got in touch to create this Share the Pie campaign to help start a more constructive conversation about the Newstart allowance.

The Share the Pie campaign is aimed at conveying a simple message of a wealthy Australia being able to better share its resources, stated as ‘Australia’s pie is one of the best, so why not share it?’.

To successfully illustrate how little the Newstart payment of $38.48 per day really is, Studio Fellow decided to represent the pie as your daily value, and show how each expense drastically lowers your daily amount, until you are left in the red.

This powerful idea became the primary visual for the brand, whilst a simple and striking identity was devised as an urgent call to action to share the pie!

Studio Fellow liaised with Jill Haapaniemi for the campaign photography.

Studio Fellow created:

– Concept & art direction
– Brand identity & visual language
– Responsive website design
– Digital style guide


The branding and digital design formed a strong base to developing an on-going discourse through social media and printed outdoor posters