One Girl

One Girl is a local Melbourne-based charity that has a world-problem in mind that they would like to fix; 60 million young girls world-wide are currently not in school. They are responsible for a series of awesome initiatives aimed at getting young girls in Sierra Leone into school, their most famous, the yearly Do It In a Dress event.

After rebranding their Do It In a Dress event, the charity sought to rebrand and revise their own ‘parent’ communications. The brand was revitalised, a new ‘girl’ and iconography was introduced along with new typography and call-out focus points for stronger messaging.

Studio Fellow created:

– Branding
– Icons/graphics
– Print design


“Working with Studio Fellow has been an absolute dream. From rebranding our Do It In A Dress brand, updating the One Girl logo, and helping us create beautiful, impactful and inspiring collateral for our organisation and campaigns – working with Studio Fellow has helped us put our best foot forward. As a charity we don’t just see these as pretty things made from paper, they’re tools for spreading our message, inspiring people to take action, and ultimately help us make an impact on girls’ lives through education.”

Larissa Ocampo – One Girl

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