MiniMed Care by Medtronic

Studio Fellow was approached by Medtronic International (Switzerland Office) to brand a new diabetes patient support service for their range of insulin pumps.

Imagine you’re diagnosed with diabetes. Your life as you know it is about to undergo a significant change. Constant monitoring is necessary to avoid hypoglycaemic attacks – a very scary situation for anyone to be in, and potentially life-threatening. How do you learn what you need to do, how you should behave, what to eat or drink, and when?… and that’s before you even have a piece of technology to think about!

This is where MiniMed Care comes in, a service that helps patients through their journey through education, information, and personal support.

Our task was to brand this service (the first time the company branded a service not a product) and to communicate in an open, friendly and accessible way.

Using diabete’s Blue Circle (essentially their version of the AIDs ribbon), we very simply turned the icon into a smiley face, representing the possibility of living positively with diabetes.

This brand icon was further expanded to include a range of emotions, actions and situations to ensure the brand always maintained a two-way communication with the audience. Always a question, and an answer, with an emotive icon to match.

– Branding
– Iconography
– Print design
– Digital design
– EDM design


“Studio Fellow did an amazing job by understanding and integrating diabetes patients’ needs and the company’s requirements to create a unique and meaningful identity for our patients. Our communications are now simpler, positive, and connect emotionally with our patients. We were also very pleased by the reactivity and the engagement of the Studio Fellow’s team – which definitively contributed to the success of this project”

Aurelia Sage – Digital Project Manager

The brand predominantly appears in a digital environment– electronic communications templates were created which followed the brand’s visual language whilst adhering closely to the limiting technical nature of eNewsletters and the like.

The visual nature of the brand came alive in the eLounge platform (pictured below) where adherence to the main Medtronic website style was a limiting factor for this sub-brand. The MiniMed Care ‘Smileys’ – as they became known– were able to communicate with total simplicity.