LaTrobe City Council

LaTrobe City is one of Victoria’s four major regional cities, less than two hours from Melbourne it’s well-known for producing most of Victoria’s electricity. The Latrobe City Council became well known for their ground-breaking policy of ‘Positioning Latrobe City for a low carbon emissions future’, the first of its kind in Australia.

This marked a new opportunity to engage the state government with new strategies for Latrobe City through a series of government-aimed publications. These became an opportunity to modernise and re-energise their visual language, later expanded upon in their supporting collateral.

Studio Fellow created:

– Revised the brand’s visual language
– Print design
– Banner design


Following the success of Securing Our Future 2013, LaTrobe City Council worked to put together a document outlining their progress and achievements over the last 4 years.

Closely chronicling state and federal decisions to back of LaTrobe City projects, as well as their on-going progress in developing strategies for growth in the current economy. The piece closely followed and expanded upon the style of Securing Our Future 2013 which aimed to re-energise and strengthen their current communications.

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