Imagine if you could find out how your customers really feel. You could find out if you’ve done a great job, or whether you need to improve your services. A bad review can cost a company dearly, and with that in mind, Jago has created an online app aimed at making this process quick and painless.

With Jago you can find out from customers how you really performed, as well as reward great customers, or make it up to customers who weren’t impressed.

Studio Fellow was contacted to help Jago further define its brand look and feel, as well as online and app design. Bringing their already existing logo, Studio Fellow started by helping Jago to create an entire brand, that communicated simply, beautifully and openly to its client base. Once the brand and its’ visuals were set, digital components were created.

Studio Fellow created:

– Brand extension
– Style guide
– Illustrations
– UX design
– Responsive web/app design
– EDM design
– Social media campaigns


Brand colours were simplified and brightened up for a rich on-screen experience as well to ensure a friendlier and more vibrant look.

Close attention was placed on colour choices to define brand elements, actionable items and background or tertiary elements in order to make an app that was not only beautiful but easy to use.

A rich set of illustrations was created for all app and digital marketing purposes.

All app elements were designed to be responsive for mobile or tablet use.

Check out the project and find out more at getjago.com